Our reality


Today the world faces an important call for feeding a continuously growing population with a protein produced in a sustainable and efficient way. Shrimp is the #1 seafood product and represents 28% of the industry.
That's why we see in shrimp aquaculture the best opportunity to produce animal protein, but major changes have to be made to this global industry to fully accomplish its potential.

Our focus


For 10 years, we have focused our work on revolutionizing the shrimp industry, exploiting bioscience and artificial intelligence to provide a better source of protein for the world.
We have developed the necessary biotechnology and software to produce shrimp in a safe, accessible, nutritious, sustainable and humane way for generations to come.

Software & Hardware

Online sales platform and automated control for farms

Maricultura Vigas

Biofloc sustainable farms and disease free shrimp hatchery.

AguaBlanca Seafood

Our commercial brand of sustainable and fresh shrimp.

Oceans Saving Farms

Peer reviewed system for sustainable farming

Our masterpiece to bring the aquaculture to the XXI century

Our Team